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The Fryin’ Saucer is the most compact light weight fryer in the industry. The Fryin’ Saucer comes in a nice carrying case. It has five pieces and sets up in less than two minutes. The Fryin’ Saucer uses a 1 pound cylinder that can last up to three hours of constant cooking. The Fryin’ Saucer uses only 1 quart of oil. We save you money on gas and oil. The food is fried in the oil basin and when the food is done it sits on the outside parameter that is made of alloy aluminum and a non- stick surface. This allows the food to stay hot until everyone is ready to eat. It allows the oil to drain off the food back into the basin. You taste the food not the oil. You can change up the menu by boiling water to cook pasta, hot dogs, brats, etc. This is your kitchen away from home. But if you are at home and your spouse does not want you to stink up the house with the oily fish smell, simply set up the saucer outside. You can cook under a canopy if it rains because the flash point on a quart of oil is less than 1/2 inch from the oil. When done, you pour the oil slowly into a container, wipe the easy clean non-stick surface with paper towels and fold it back into the carrying case which has a pocket for the one pound cylinder on one side and a pocket for the oil on the other side. The Fryin’ Saucer is great for shore lunches, ice fishing, tailgating, camping, the R.V., or just for back yard cookouts.

The Fryin’ Saucer is the go-anywhere outdoor fryer for crispy and delicious fish, chicken, fries, onion rings—any fried food you love!

Using just one quart of vegetable or peanut oil in the Fryin’ Saucer basin, click the igniter for fast and easy heat from the 13,000 BTU stainless steel burner. In five minutes, you’re ready to fry those chicken wings, potatoes, or shrimp until they’re golden brown. Scoop cooked food onto the sloped, parameter saucer to drain the oil away from your dinner. The oil runs back into the basin. No greasy mess. And you taste the food, not the oil!

The saucer is made of alloy aluminum with a non-stick surface to keep your food hot while you cook the rest of your batch. Clean up is a snap, too! When you’re done, let the oil cool. Then simply pour the oil slowly into a container and wipe the non-stick surface with paper towels. It’s lightweight—less than 20 pounds—and compact. The entire cooker sets up or folds down in less than two minutes with just five simple pieces and no nuts or bolts or tools. It even comes with its own handy carrying case.

The Fryin’ Saucer uses a 1-pound propane cylinder, the kind you find at any hardware or superstore; the propane bottle fits into its own side pocket during transport. The heating system is so efficient, one propane can lasts up to three hours of constant cooking. That’s a lot of tasty food!

With the Fryin’ Saucer, invite your family and friends to backyard picnics, tailgate parties, ice-fishing or campground fish-fries, dockside dinners, or anywhere you eat outdoors in any season. No smelly kitchen. No fuss.

Why cook inside when the weather’s gorgeous and the fun is outdoors? Take your kitchen with you! Order your Fryin’ Saucer today!