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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the fastest way to order a Fryin’ Saucer?
The fastest way to get an order placed is to do so online. We accept credit cards and PayPal. Click the “SHOP” button at the top of the page to order your Fryin’ Saucer!

Q. How quickly will you ship my order to me? I’m anxious to start cookin’!
We ship all orders the same day, M – F, as long as the order was place before 1 pm Central Time.

Q. The oil is not getting up to temperature. What’s up with that?!
Wind can play a factor in the temperature of the oil. Place your Fryin’ Saucer out of the wind, or use the Wind Skirt attachment.

Q. The burner will not light.
Sometimes the igniter wire gets bent away from burner due to transportation or improper storage. Make sure the spark wire is close to the burner. Slowly bend the wire back into place. If this does not work, use a light stick. DO NOT use a blow torch!

Q. Can I boil water in it?
Absolutely! You can boil water in it to cook brats, pasta, boiled eggs, corn, etc. When you’re done, you can even clean your dishes in it!

Q. How do I clean the saucer?
We recommend using paper towels.  You can use soap and water, but the surface is designed to accept the oil.

Q. Can I cook other things beside fish in it?
Of course! Get creative. When you’re masterpiece is done, snap a photo and post it on our Facebook page, tweet it (@FryinSaucer), or drop it on Instagram (@fryinsaucer).

Q. Can I leave the oil in the saucer over night while camping?
To answer this question, ask yourself a question – can you spell B-E-A-R?!